One Lovely Blog Award


Thank you, Grace, for the smile you brought to my face by nominating me for this award. It surprised me to know that my little blog has touched the heart of another and affirms that I need to get back to my writing. Thank you again, for giving me the kick in the pants I needed. 😉

Here are the guidelines for the One Lovely Blog Award:

You must thank the person who nominated you for the award;

you must add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post, your blog or both;

you must share 7 facts about yourself;

and lastly, you must nominate 15 bloggers who you admire and consider “lovely.” Let the nominees know they have been nominated by commenting on their blogs.

Seven Never Before Revealed (on this blog) Facts About Me:

1. One of the bravest things I have ever done is ask my boyfriend to take me back after I ended our relationship. I ended because of my fear of how deeply I felt for him after such a short amount of time. The good news is we were married 6 months later and have now been happily married for 15 years.


2. The second bravest act was having the MVD surgeries. It was terrifying knowing a surgeon was going into my brain and nerve system and not knowing what they would find. Very scary! 

Battle Wounds

Battle Wounds


3. I used to teach Yoga, PiYo, Boot Camp, and Spin classes. This part of me is one of the parts I miss most from “before the fall.”  I LOVED it all! The gym brings such a feeling of life! The sweat, the pain, the laughter, and accomplishments! Wonderful!!!

4. I think it’s unfair that I still have to fight acne. I naively thought that once the Battle of the Lines began the acne would magically disappear. Why did no one tell me? 🙂


5. I am more of a salty person than a sweet. Don’t judge me- I love my chips and cheese dip!

6. I love to read! That is one thing that has come from my sicknesses is that I have an excuse to read. I need to rest and it hurts to talk so I escape into the stories of others. I have found recently that I love to read historical fiction. I have learned so much from the books I have recently read. History is interesting! 

7. I have started a “community” page on Facebook focusing on my dog and life from her point of view. I have so much fun with it! It has grown to almost 3,000 likes in only 15 days. (Hopefully, we will top over 3,000 before the end of the day.) I love how so many dog lovers have come together. Our community helps each other, and oohs and awws over the cute pictures. Lots of fun. If you are curious and want to check it out our page is Mini Maggie Schnauzer. 

Our sweet Maggie

Our sweet Maggie


My Nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Living with Chronic Pain

Cee’s Photography 

Enduring Pain with Patience

Lori Lari


Youth of a Nation: Bent not Broken

And of course one of my favorites is: A Bowl of Cherries!

I’m supposed to have 15 but I really don’t follow that many blogs yet. Please forgive me for the short list. And thank you again, Grace.




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