My 30 Day Coffee Test- OH THE TORTURE!!!


 Parting is such sweet sorrow. Juliet said it best to her new found love, Romeo. Now I must admit that I to look that quote up, once I did I was like, oh yeah, I knew that! I, too, must part with one of my loves. Before I let him go I must tell you a little about him.

My love affair started as a Freshmen in college like many relationships begin-we were introduced by friends. In the beginning we would meet a few times during the week, nothing too serious, but through the years my dependance has grown and grown. Now our meetings are at least 2-3 times a day and are quiet serious with all the yumminess it now entails. You may be surprised that I am speaking so openly of another love on a blog my husband will more than likely read but the truth is he shares the same love. And you have probably guessed by now that my other love is coffee.

Oh, how I will miss you coffee! We have shared so many wonderful moments together with those we love. Ok, I have to stop this or I might back out. 😉

Why am I giving up coffee? I am giving this a shot to help my pain. I have had surgeries, nerve blocks, physical therapy, chiropractor, too many medicines and doctors to count, as well as, given up other foods but coffee has been unthinkable. “Yes, doctor, cut 3 layers of muscle and then put a permanent hole in my head.” But, no, lets keeps the coffee. Crazy! I used to get so mad at my mom because she wouldn’t or couldn’t give up her cigarettes but now I need to look at the plank in my eye.

I have read so much evidence that tells why caffeine is bad for chronic pain. So, fine, you get you’re way and I’ll try, Evidence. I must admit that I feel like being a big baby about this and it probably is only going to get worse in the next few days. I’m really looking forward to the caffeine headache on top of all of the other pain, said no chronic pain sufferer ever!

I am looking forward to seeing if it helps. My chronic pain involves my nerves and coffee really involves nerves so we’ll see. I am pledging now to stick with it for at least 30 days. Ouch, that hurt.

Next I plan on cutting out gluten. This is something I have tried before and does help certain things I know. It is soooo hard to stick to but I am sick of being sick more than I love pizza. Although I must admit that pizza isn’t far behind. 🙂  I thought about doing both at the same time but I knew how long that would last. I would like to start that before my 30 days is over but I thought I would give this coffee thing all of my attention at first.

Here is one of the sites I found that provided a little info on some of the different foods that affect chronic pain:

I would love to know some of the foods or chemicals you have removed from your diet that helps you.


2 responses to “My 30 Day Coffee Test- OH THE TORTURE!!!

  1. Oh, Nicole, I don’t envy you. I have been trying to give up chocolate and I find myself wandering around the house searching for lost kisses. Have you thought about mixing caffeinated with decaf first, tapering off the caffeine a little day by day for the first week? That might help with the headache onset. Good luck, I know you can do this!

  2. I did think about the half and half but it would be a big pain since my hubby drinks coffee, too. If I begin to get bad headaches I may try that but I am still eating a little chocolate. 😉 One thing at a time and I think coffee is the highest in caffeine.

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