You’re getting on my nerves!


This is something my body tells me all day long. Literally! One of the chronic illnesses I have is Trigeminal Neuralgia. The nerves in my face do all kinds of fun things like burn, tingle, ache, stab, shock, etc, etc.

I am lucky. A truly gifted girl. Most people only have this rare condition on one side of their face- not me, I am bilateral. Yay! Go me! The second amazing gift is that I have Type I and Type II. Horay! The last kicker gift is how young I received TN. I mean most people have to wait until they’re at least 65 but not me I got it when I was 32, 33 years earlier than most! Woo! Hoo!

Type I TN is the one responsible for the shocks. Oh, how fun they are. People get shocked in different spots along the nerves but I usually get mine on my check under my eye or somewhere around my mouth. Sometimes it feels like I have 4 cavities in a row. These shocks vary in duration- once again good times.

The Type II is the culprit for the other sensations. I often have multiple things going on all over my face. It may be burning my forehead while a tooth or 2 are shocking and it’s stabbing my cheek. At these moments I bet I look pretty dumb because it is so hard to focus on anything else with all of this activity.

But wait! There’s more! On top of my TN I have a severe case of TMD in my jaw. There is so much going on in one area I sometimes feel I might just go INSANE!

I am recovering now from my second surgery for the Type I TN I had 5 weeks ago. The other was 7 months ago on the opposite side. I feel as if I have been recovering FOREVER!!! With all of this going on in my face it is hard for me to talk more often than not which is really hard because I can be a Chatty Kathy. Bet you couldn’t have guessed that. ; )

Thank you for being here. I have been inspired by so many amazing people already in my short time blogging I pray I can return the favor and help people in some small way.


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