Trying to Find My Voice Through My Blog


I do not look good in stripes nor do I own a pair of white gloves. And although I often feel trapped in a box I have no desire to become a mime. I WANT TO FIND MY VOICE!!! I would have never guessed that finding my blog’s voice would be so challenging. I feel different from day to day. I guess if we’re being honest I feel different from moment to moment. (I am a woman, after all.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sometimes I can find humor in anything. Other times I want to crawl under my covers and wait for the day to pass. I can be winchy. (I know shocking, right?) I can cheer you through diversity or be a big ol’ Eyore. I am often energetic. But just as often lathargic. Ok,ok, I get it you’re thinking.

There a lot people bumping into each other in this empty head of mine.

Whose voice wins? Who gets to be heard? Maybe all of them? They are all a part of me after all. Sometimes I think my poor husband calls on his way home from work just so he knows which one will be there when he gets home. I can just see him in his truck, fingers crossed, not the winch, not the winch, not the winch . ๐Ÿ™‚

Then you add the pain element and we have more trouble. I don’t want to complain or whine all the time but sometimes that’s how I feel. Well, a lot, I feel like that a lot actually but I try not to whine and complain too often to family and friends. If you’ve heard, “A lightening bolt just went through my face!” or “An elephant is sitting under my left eye, I just know it!” once, you’ve heard it a dozen times. So is that how I should be here too? Afraid to tell how I really feel?

Or honest? How about being honest? Isn’t that the beauty of a blog? I don’t have to grin and bear it and say I’m doing fine. Whaaaat? No way! I can tell somebody beside the doctor how I really feel?

Hopefully, I can add a little humor now and then, as well. Why do moneys not play cards in the jungle? There are too many cheetahs! There’s some humor. Maybe not good humor but an attempt nonetheless.

Through my blog I hope to find a piece of me I have lost along this journey: my voice.

Please be patient while I do and remember we never know what part of me will show up. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am trying to find me again. I pray you can find you,too. Not just these in pain versions. The original retro 1.0 models.



One response to “Trying to Find My Voice Through My Blog

  1. Nicole, I have just begun following your blog yet I already feel like I know you. I also usually can find humor in almost anything, which sometimes throws people for a loop, especially when I am referencing my cancer journey. Thank you for your honesty and for having the courage to share your journey with others.

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