Pain Pity Party or Thanksgiving: Where’s Your Focus?

Pain pain go away

Come again no other days.

Do you catch yourself saying things like, “well, I guess this is it?” Heck, I’ve even written similar things in other posts. There is a fine line to walk between excepting pain like a martyr and not. Where is this line? I don’t know. I think it is different for everyone. I would even venture to say it is placed differently from day to day. I do know that we can even say things like God has a purpose, there is a reason for this, and so on but with the wrong attitude this is just martyring. “I’ll lay down my life for others!” Key back of hand to forehead and fanning hankie. But the same statements with the right attitude and heartfelt knowledge of who God is can change us and those around us.

My last post was pretty pitiful, I admit. I think there is a difference between a pitifully bad moment (or two, right?) and a martyr outlook on life. Lets vow to keep our heads up!

Today I had a HORRIBLE day!!! My back decided to join in on the “lets see how many ways we can hurt Nicole” game. Do you know it? Maybe you know a similar one. Well, anyway, I spent all freaking day on the couch!!! It hurt no matter what I did. Lay down, stand up, do a back flip (maybe I didn’t try that one) 🙂  While on the couch this afternoon I had a big  huge  GINORMOUS pity party. My husband is out hunting, the girls are  having a blast in the front yard with neighborhood friends while I can’t even get off the couch. Did I mention it was GINORMOUS? Because it was. I cried. Got my husband involved via text (the man is a saint, I swear). I’m pretty sure I threw my arms around a little. Then I prayed. I know that probably should have come sooner in the series.

Do you have those come to Jesus meetings with Jesus? The what is up? I can’t do this? Please pick someone else.  I had all of these this afternoon, took a breather, and I feel better. Do I feel better? No. But I feel better about the situation.  So how can I stay on top of my attitude in these painful situations which I have no control? Day by day is the only answer I have today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a better one. Have you seen the 40 days of Thankfulness on Facebook or Twitter? Maybe you already do it. Well, I don’t. I have chosen to start there. Everyday I will say what I am thankful for and when I’m hitting a rough patch I will truly think on the thing I am thankful for and not the pain. Want to join me?

Lets get thankful! Thanksgiving is almost here. Why wait? I know we have it rough but I bet we all know someone who has it worse than we do.


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