3 Obstacles when Finding Help

ImageObstacles come in all sizes and shapes. Profound statement, I know. 🙂 One of the most difficult to overcome when dealing with chronic issues is knowing which medical route to take. 

  • Provider: Who do you trust? Who do you believe? And most importantly who is RIGHT!? We’ve been to 2 doctors in 1 week trying to find answers. Isn’t it fun sitting there saying everything you’ve already said 100 times? Maybe we should record ourselves and just tell them to listen. 🙂 This time these particular doctors have similar approaches but just different enough to make me question who is right.  But at least I know that perhaps we are on the right track. Maybe?! Please God.
  • Procession: “a relentless succession of  people or things” is one of its definitions according to a Google search. I love the word RELENTLESS. Has your journey been relentless? For me the pain is relentless. It will let up a little bit but never truly vanish even with all the meds I’m taking. I must admit that I am not always relentless. Quiet often,however, I am “lying-on-the-couch-pity-partying.” 😉 This obstacle is an extra challenging one for me. It is so difficult to care about anything when hurting so badly! I am just trying to be a mom, wife, teacher,etc, etc. with about half of who I used to be.
  • Path: We must be as relentless as the pain in finding the route we must take. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to think about or research or talk about my pain those few moments it lets up. I want to enjoy life. However, we need to set aside some of this time for planning, researching, and talking it out. Boooo!!! I know that already. I don’t like it either but we sure don’t feel like doing it when we’re having a “couch” moment. Maybe you don’t have those moments but I sure do.

So who do you go with? What will you do? And how will you do it? Such big questions and issues for someone who is often just trying to limp through their day. I do think that if we can try to help our situation now that hopefully it will help. Will it go away? Who knows. But I know with every bit of improvement I am limping toward where I want to be.


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