How do I get over this?

Wow! That's a BIG tree!!!

Some days this is how my pain appears. Enormous and Overbearing. Does your pain ever look this big to you? Standing right in the way of life. Or the life I want to live,that is. But what if this big ol’ debilitating, massive obstacle has a bigger purpose than just getting in my way? I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.

On my good or “sweet” days I can see the light gleaming through and think positive thoughts like: I can do this!; God has a plan for everything; Maybe through this I can help others, etc, etc. But on these sour days a big huge part doesn’t care about anything but the pain,how I hurt and how can I make it stop. The yo-yo effect is exhausting. There are days I think I can’t go to one more doctor or Google one more possibility. Then I shudder at where I might be today if I had not kept trying and advocating my case.

Tomorrow we go talk to another orthodontist for a second opinion on braces for my TMJ problems. I am at a loss. What to do? What to do? I know it is an expensive, long gamble. Has anyone had good results for this? And if you suffer from TN, as well, did they aggravate those symptoms? Any comments would be great to hear.

I think for the rest of the evening I will rest in the shade of this obstacle. I will rest and be still. I will build up courage to face another day of obstacles and yo-yo moments. I pray you, too, are able to rest in the shade.


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