Taking Care of those Who Take Care of You


Yes, we are in horrible pain. Yes, it’s not fair. But, no, it is not all about us. We must give back to those who give (and give up) so much for us. I believe God gave us each other. We must take care of them just as they take care of us. We don’t expect our cars to run without a forth wheel or an oil change. How can we ask that of those we love? I know it is rough living with me on my sour days. Everyone has to speak quietly, lights must stay low, and I can be quiet a Grizzly. Have you seen that Tempur-Pedic bear commercial? So funny! My family laughed a little too hard. 🙂

On our sweet days we must remember those around us. It is a good day for them, too. What are some things you can do for your love ones? Ways to say thank you for all they do. It does not have to be anything big. I bet just having a smiling, happy you back for awhile will be like a breath of fresh air. I say this not because you are a bear all the time (at least I hope not) but because it is nice for them to see you painfree.

I just woke up from a pretty great nap driving through west Kansas. (Have you ever gone through west Kansas? I’ll just say it’s not hard to nap through.) I tell you about my little nap not to make you sleepy or jealous of my afternoon nap but to tell you about my selfless pillow. I leaned over on my husband’s arm not to fall asleep but just rest a second. Thirty minutes later I awake with a jolt from a way too loud cell phone ringer. Billy instantly starts squeezing his hand trying to get the blood bumping again. No telling how long his arm napped along with me. Poor guy sat perfectly still with a throbbing arm, sleepy himself.

He takes care of me in so many ways. Huge and small. Everyday. Who do you have around you? Sometimes when we are in the valley of darkness it is hard to see the people there walking this road along with us. They may not have the physical pain but they, too, experience pain. We all know how it feels to watch someone you love go through a bad situation without the ability to “fix” it. Now imagine if that situation was a painful, chronic illness. Horrible. I always say that as much as I hate my pain I am so thankful that it is mine and not one of our girls.

If you are sitting here reading this thinking that you don’t have anyone I bet that you do. It may not be a spouse or child but it could be another family member or coworker. Look around they are there. Reach out. People do care. Even in our darkest hour we always have God and the everyday angels He gave us to make it through. And you have me. Leave a comment. Get something about your pain off of you chest, tell who takes care of you, or things you do for those around you to say thank you.


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