5 Ways My Pain Scares the “Bad Words Ladies Don’t Say” out of Me

Fall is here!!! While I have always had a love-hate affair with Fall, I now have 2 more reasons weighing in on the hate side. My trigeminal neuralgia. I could just stop there but I won’t. My TN hates both my sinus issues and the barometric pressure bouncing around like a tennis ball. Ok, maybe (I’m only willing to say maybe tonight after this crazy weekend we had) it’s not that extreme but some days it feels like it this time of year.

In honor of October (BOO) and my fears of the upcoming winter I have composed a list of the top five general ways my pain scares me.

1. When: When will it hit? I am not a doomsday thinker. Pain is not around every corner. Most days I try to go about my life avoiding the things I know will set it off and it works to an extent. Sometimes I can feel the pain coming and have a chance to take some medicine or go and lie down but then there are those other times when out of no where, BAM! Will it be in the morning and ruin the whole day or will it be in the evening and mess up dinner? Whatever our pain comes from, I believe, we must get better about seising the part of day that we are at our best.

Most days of mine start off a lot better than they end so I now try to do what I can in the morning (even though I am NOT a morning person). My crock pot is my new best friend. I tell her all of my troubles as I feel her full of yumminess. That’s a nice picture isn’t it? Don’t you just picture my crock pot and me in a quiet kitchen lovingly preparing dinner to nourish my family? I’ll let you in on a secret: it doesn’t look anything like that. I am usually rushing the girls to get into the school room while I rummage around trying to find a substitute for an essential part of the recipe I forgot to pick up. Doing this one thing has helped me out so much in the evenings when my pain is at its high for the day.


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